We have a wide range of managed, business-centric IT solutions.

The Microsoft 365 platform has grown to provide a wide range of hosted products, services, and licensing. We are all aware of applications like Outlook, Word, and Excel. Most of us use these applications every day. With a Microsoft 365 subscription you can make sure that you are always up to date and have access to the latest application features.

There are subscription models that cover everything from online Office applications only, to hosted email services, to complete user account management and on-premise installations of Office applications.  We will talk with you and get to know your business needs, then help you navigate the various subscriptions models to choose the one that’s most cost effective and efficient for you.

Using a cloud-based email filtering solution means your email is monitored for virus and malicious content before it ever enters your mailbox. This can greatly reduce the amount of storage needed for your email. You will receive periodic summary reports of the email that’s been picked up by the filter, and you can manually release items if they were caught by accident.

No, it’s not a new dance move, it’s smart business. Cloud-based storage and backup is part of any good disaster recovery plan, or just helps you recover that spreadsheet you accidentally saved over. Our cloud backup solutions provide chronological snapshots that allow you to retrieve data from a specific point in time or from a list of file revisions.

The Cloud is the new network. When you store your business documents in the Cloud it gives you access to them from most anywhere. It also gives you a way to share them amongst your team. We can help you find creative ways to utilize the cloud storage included in your Microsoft 365 licensing.

Buzz word alert! In today’s de-centralized work environment the ability to collaborate with team members from multiple locations is crucial. We leverage Microsoft Teams to give you spaces to share, work, meet, and teach.

Many businesses are choosing to forego the high cost of in-house server and desktop hardware through the use of hosted services. What does this mean?

  • Predictable costs. Sometimes referred to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), moving your server and desktop PC roles to the cloud means that you no longer have to plan for large periodic capital expenditures to refresh hardware. Instead, you have an easy to budget monthly operating cost. You also no longer have to be concerned with outdated server and desktop PC operating software – the cloud service ensures that you are always up to date and able to have the latest security precautions in place.
  • Simplified hardware. In a cloud hosted server and desktop environment, all of the heavy lifting happens in the cloud-based service. Gone are the days of having to purchase and maintain “power user” desktop PC setups or hardware intensive servers. You can choose to have very simple PC’s in the office, or even use “dummy terminals” that do nothing more than tap in to the cloud-based services.
  • Increased mobility. With the core infrastructure of your business hosted in the cloud, “the office” now travels with you. Sure, you can keep a comfortable setup in your physical office, but you can also access your very same “Desktop” from a different computer at home, or while traveling. You can even access your work environment from your mobile device or tablet. Wherever you choose to login from, you will always have the same consistent experience with access to all of the business applications, data, and tools that you need.
  • Security. Quickly and efficiently manage employee access to company resources. Simply disable an employee’s cloud service login and they no longer have access to company applications, data, and tools.

No matter how many things you choose to move to “the cloud”, there will always be a need to maintain some level of technology hardware in your office. We can design and maintain network infrastructure that is reliable, efficient, managed, and secure. You probably don’t want to hear about all of the technical details, you just want to know that your network and WiFi are secure, strong, and reliable. Let us help you build a network that is able to support your daily business operations.

While we are not experts in using every piece of software out there, we are able to help install and setup your software. We have experience with many different mainline applications (such as Quickbooks), and we have worked with many different vendors to install and implement applications in office environments. It is important to get applications installed and setup properly from the start. We can help plan the implementation of your software so that it is scalable and ready to change as your business changes.

From Internet to telephone services the options can be overwhelming. Too many times we have seen businesses overpaying for services they do not need, or struggling with a phone system that does not meet their business operation needs. We have a wide knowledge of available products and technologies. Let us help you find the solution that meets your budget and needs.

Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know. You may be struggling with a technology hurdle in your business, but you’re overwhelmed by the amount of options and the complex terminology that you see. We offer consultation services to help evaluate your needs and find the correct IT solutions for your business. We will act as a bridge between your business needs and the technology you need to accomplish them.

Our solution sends your employees weekly training emails that highlight the most recent and relevant types of cyber attacks. If you like, you can require employees to complete online training modules and keep tabs on their Employee Security Score. Most threats are feats of social engineering, luring your employees to click and/or provide personally identifiable information (PII). Teaching employees to spot a threat before acting on it will help keep your computers and network secure.

Admit it, we’ve all at least second guessed the validity of an email.  Who sent me that invoice?  Why does the bank need me to verify my information?  We are able to periodically send out mock phishing emails and track how your employees respond.  This helps you to gauge what phishing tactics are “working” in your company and gives you the information you need to focus your cyber security training topics.

Who likes viruses or malware? Be anti-everything! Our anti-virus/anti-malware software is updated multiple times per day. It runs silently and does not slow down your computers. We centrally manage our protection software so that we are proactively notified when issues arise, and can adjust protections policies on the fly.


Here’s what others have to say about us:

DNA IS Solutions has provided excellent professional expertise to my small financial planning business. Understanding my needs in a highly regulated environment was a primary concern for me. David was able to explain the solution and complete the setup in a very timely manner with minimal downtime.

David has handled my IT needs for over fifteen years. He is a real expert and incredibly knowledgeable about PC, Mac, and iPhone issues. Generally he has an answer for whatever I’m struggling with, and when he doesn’t, he does the research to get one. He is also quick with an answer and available outside of normal work hours. I can highly, and without reservation, recommend David for any and all IT, computer and phone issues.

Buck Blessing, Griffis/Blessing, Inc.

As fee only planners who fiducially serve clients, we appreciate David’s prompt responses and productive solutions to our questions on technical Internet and server issues.

David has proven to be competent, efficient, and provides the service we need to run our business efficiently.

He is proactive with security and network enhancements and continues to support our company well.

Griffis/Blessing, Inc has been using David Graham and DNA Information System Solutions for over 20 years and we’ve been extremely impressed with their IT services. They have done everything from helping us migrate to a new Internet supplier to finding and removing viruses from our system. Not only do their consultants do an excellent job with ongoing IT maintenance and support, they’ve also been great about suggesting ways to improve our structure and system security and backup. When it comes to IT support, DNA really offers a pro-active and complete solution.
William J. Hybl, Jr., Griffis/Blessing, Inc.
We hired David and DNA ISS about 6 months ago to get our IT systems organized and updated and we are so happy we did! We are not technology people and David always takes the time to carefully communicate to our team and he is very responsive when we have questions or changes we need to implement. We feel informed and well-serviced and able to better focus on our business needs because we aren’t worried about technology issues. As the world has shifted where businesses need to operate smoothly remotely, we have had zero interruptions in our business workflow and as we look back, we are so glad we hired DNA ISS.
Meredith Briggs, Taconic Advisors Inc.

DNA Information Solution is a vital part of our business. David listens to our needs, explains solutions in understandable language, and implements what is needed in an effective and cost efficient manner. DNA manages our network and cloud solutions, provides expertise on software and hardware decisions, and puts solutions in place without disrupting our business. When there are emergencies, David is responsive and brings a calm presence to the situation. For IT solutions – big and small – DNA is reliable, innovative, and practical. DNA keeps us sane and productive, with our technology supporting the business in a progressive and innovative way.

Linda Y. Leitz, PhD, CFP®, EA, Peace of Mind Financial Planning Inc.

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